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The Brand Foundation is a branding agency with a  holistic and deeply strategic approach. We work in various sectors - with entrepreneurs and corporates,
and specialise in branding property developments and physical spaces; villas, houses & apartments, offices/ workspaces, restaurants (a recent award-winner), cafés and shops. 

We pioneered by integrating branding and architecture services for property developers. We offer this service because branding and architecture should be integrated from the start of the property development process, as opposed to the traditional method whereby branding is treated as an add-on and applied afterwards. Why?

We pioneered this approach for a number of reasons: it saves time! It takes a while to build a residential development, a commercial tower, or even fit out a restaurant... why wait until completion to start looking for a creative branding agency? Cashflow! Because the branding is always ready before the construction/fit out is finished you can start advertising earlier, meaning revenue is usually generated pretty quickly. Last but by no means least, by letting brand play a central role, the value of your property asset increases - because as a physical living, breathing community where people live, work and shop, you create a value experience and emotional buy-in meaning repeat business, higher occupancy levels, premium sales or leasing rates...

That's why at The Brand Foundation brand is more than a logo, website or a brochure. Brand in the real estate sector is a lifestyle, a space that evolves and claims a place in the hearts and minds of people. Branding property and physical spaces is about brand sustainability – after all, the product is around for decades. 

A sustainable, holistic real estate brand that has considered and locked-in the end-users desired day-to-day experience, from the design of the building all the way through to the property management is a real estate brand of the future, a valuable one at that.

The best results are achieved when we are consulted at the planning stage of a property development, however we can provide various branding, strategy or creative services at different stages of the investment cycle.

Our approach works for all brands with a physical space to consider; retail, hospitality, food and beverage, financial services and banking, for example.

In a partnership spirit, we help developers create the vision, visualise and package the entire brand experience - including the brand guidelines. The developers’ role is to build, deliver and manage the property/community.

For investors looking to start up a business in the UAE, we also provide pre-validated branded business concepts - the majority of which do involve property or physical spaces. This type of consultancy work is provided to select investors in the strictest of confidence.

TBF conceptualised, branded and invested in an award-winning restaurant, Café Isan.

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