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Branding is a complex, often misunderstood,
ever-evolving practice - so with that in mind and because we care about the business relationships we have, here we define what branding is and explain our organic approach to it in order for you to better understand what we deliver, why, and the long-term value it can bring.


Defining Brand

We define brand as an identifying idea communicated by a Company, Product, Person, Place or Service. How people experience a brand determines how they feel about it, and this drives the value they associate with it and the price they’re prepared to pay.

That’s why 62% of the value of the world’s business is attributed to brand intangibles (the thoughts and feelings that drive the value). It’s also why the real value in a brand is not in isolated things such as the logo or website design – it’s in defining and communicating a central, identifying idea - a brand essence. 

A brand’s essence is continually re-enforced through a holistic series of brand touchpoints to achieve a defined and consistent experience. All brand touchpoints, whether visual or otherwise play a vital part in that. Generally speaking, the more brand touchpoints the better, as this increases the number of ways people can come in to contact with a brand. Assuming that contact results in a positive experience, the value of the brand invariably increases. 

What we deliver

Brand Guidelines are our main deliverable because the way people experience a brand is inherently experiential, such as: via digital, print and outdoor media; through our interactions with people; how we feel in a particular environment or physical space, for example.

We consider how and in what circumstances people are most likely to experience your brand, and this is what determines the most beneficial brand applications for you. The number of brand applications, their type and the level of detail required, influences the price. For further information, please do call or email.


The graphic below illustrates the typical relationships we have with our clients, Full Engagement is an inter-connected relationship (retained creative/strategic branding services) and Part Engagement (project-based) is one that's firmly positioned side-by-side.

Part engagement is usually a shorter-term relationship, where we undertake specific branding projects within an agreed time frame. It might be a re-brand or brand refresh, creating a new brand, developing a brand look and feel, brand guidelines, brand audit, strategic plan, brand architecture and sometimes tactical items such as website design.

Full engagement is usually a longer-term relationship suitable for clients that require ongoing brand consultancy, brand management services, or who wish to appoint non-executive board members. In consultation with you, we agree which of our creative/strategic branding services would be beneficial to you, and for how long. The fees are spread out and payable on a monthly basis, and thereafter you are free to utilise the agreed services as and when required. As a boutique branding agency, we do limit the number of Clients we take on at this level.


Standards of excellence

Passionate about what we do, whether you require a brand refresh, full brand creation, brand messaging, brand research and competitor analysis, brand strategy, creative web design, property development branding - rest assured that our unique, rigorous research methods will provide you with in-depth insights that result in unique, creative branding solutions, strategically designed to deliver results and add optimum value to your business.

For us, going the ‘extra mile’ is standard. If you wish to submit your brochures and websites for 
accreditation from the Plain English Campaign to demonstrate your brand cares about transparency - we’ll organise that for you. If you’d like your local regulatory body to approve your brochures, or you’d like to make a statement by printing on Forestry Commission Approved paper stock, we will source that for you, too. Last minute printing requirements... we're here to help.