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Enabling better business. We're a branding agency based in Dubai that provides holistic, creative + strategic solutions that genuinely make a difference. We love branding real estate & physical spaces

  Branding environments  

Branding environments  

Enabling better business

is what The Brand Foundation does. Passionate and full of ideas, we make genuine differences to businesses large and small. Our brand strategy makes sense; our approach is dedicated; our processes tailored and the results evidenced financially. Discover what makes us a fresh, holistic branding agency relevant to today's turbulent economic context and ever evolving business landscape.
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 WORK  |  Reef Residence property brand  

WORK  |  Reef Residence property brand  

Our specialism

is branding property and physical spaces; Positioning, creating and defining brand experiences for residential, commercial, mixed use, retail and industrial properties in order to enhance and sustain the value of the asset. We leverage brand to justify premium sales and leasing rates and mobilise advertising 
campaigns rapidly. Our pioneering processes are adapted to get the best results depending on market conditions, competitor positioning and what stage of the development cycle the property is at.
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 WORK  |  Al Maseer Insurance, Iraq  

WORK  |  Al Maseer Insurance, Iraq  

Recent branding projects:

*JUST LAUNCHED - Kempinski Residences, Business Bay, Dubai. Visit the stand @ Mall of Emirates.

Al Maseer Iraqi insurance brand.
Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

Definitus investments advisory.
Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

Abu Dhabi City Depots
Industrial real estate brand
development. Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Mangrove One
Luxury property development
branding: building communities.
Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The business of ideas... 

We provide discreet, specialist services to investors and HNWI's who wish to invest in or start up unique businesses here in the UAE.  
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Grow with us?

Licensees sought for regional agencies in Baghdad, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Cairo, Doha, Somalia, South Sudan, Bahrain, Jordan, London. Find out about who and what we're looking for.
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